| Our Commitment

Carrascal Nickel Corporation takes pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility; we believe that in order to keep a stable and booming business, we have to provide a sustainable future both for the environment and the community that support our company. For the past years, we have taken steps to secure a better and greener future. Our efforts are not limited to rehabilitating the mine areas; we have also started a reforestation program of denuded areas outside the mining area, a tree-planting effort along the slopes for erosion and sediment control, mangrove reforestation, and enhancement of the Kaywyawan River.

Our focus is not only limited to the environment, we are also doing our part to help the community. Surigao del Sur once belonged to the most depressed provinces in the Philippines; the presence of minerals in its land made Surigao del Sur agriculturally unproductive. Since our establishment, we have prioritized the residents of the communities, and have provided them with alternative means of livelihood. We have also made education and skills development training available for our employees and their families. This has drawn in other businesses creating new opportunities for the residents. All of this, together with improvement of basic facilities and utilities, we hope to create a relatively sustainable future here in Surigao del Sur.

Giving Back To The Community